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To make game easier for new players,
every new character starts at 3rd reset.

Existing characters under 3 resets updated.

Links in Download section updated

You will need to download the new client in order to play!
All servers and sites will be offline/interrupted on the 14th of February (Thursday) from 18:00 GMT+2 (Server time) to 22:00 GMT+2 (Server time).

This news post will be updated if there are any changes.
GM Hurricane will host a PvP event the next Sunday (17th of February) at 19:00 GMT+2 (Server time).

Prizes per winner: 1 item of choice +2 excellent (or set) options of choice +13+luck (rings/pendants: +0 and +HP recovery).
Additional rules will be announced by GM Hurricane in-game.

Prizes are NOT given at the time of event but a little bit later.
This is not something we should write about here. We don't have to report to anybody about our actions.
But some people over-reacted in-game. Like over-react level 99999
There was a character test from 20:25 to 20:40 done by us, admins, by request from a player.
After the test finished, the character was deleted and everything went back to normal.

Added characters/items or whatever else CAN NOT happen here. No donation/admin friend or anything is able to do it.
Reset zen lowered to 10 000 000 x Reset.