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Server rules

  1. The usage of hacks and any 3rd party software that might give you unfair advantage over others is forbidden;
  2. Altering the client in such a way that you get unfair advantage over others is forbidden;
  3. Cursing in /post awards a post ban to player from 1 day to permament (admin's judgement).
  4. Cursing or extreme arguing with our team leads to a ban of the main character, account, IP address (admin's judgement). If you don't like something, tell us, we're open to discussions.
  5. The administrator team isn't responsible for stolen items, characters, accounts;
  6. It is forbidden to kill much weaker characters (15 or more resets difference) 3 or more times in a row (griefing). Victims must provide clear and conclusive evidence that they were harmed, and make it clear that they did not do KS (KS = the stronger character went first on the spot, then you go after her/him and steal his/hers exp) . Identified abuses by weaker characters (doing KS and complaining after being killed by the stronger ones) are punished with a permanent ban for the character. The rule does not apply to invasions and events unless they have other specified conditions;
  7. It is forbidden to present yourself as somebody from the administrator team;
  8. It is forbidden to threaten others with BAN;
  9. Rewards from in-game events that did not drop or did not drop correctly are restored only after showing us an evidence (screenshot with date and time printed) and administrator's judgement.
  10. Creating concpiracy theories, speaking against the Server, its decisions, revealing GM's private hero or any other verbal abuse leads to ban (temporary or permanent - admin's judgement). If you don't like our community, you're free to go unless you can express your opinion in a civilized manner.
  11. It's strictly forbidden to tell who is GM/admin's private character if its name becomes known to you. Admin team is monitoring always the GM and player logs to ensure there will be no advantages with items/event rewards/commands or anything else. There are no "admin", "added" characters or items. We never had and will never have such! We don't tolerate intrigues and we're 100% honest in our actions. Otherwise there's no point in having a server and putting so much effor. Have in mind that almost every admin/GM have a private character that plays undercover.
  12. It is forbidden to play with a Buffer Elf in Blood Castle 7 or Devil Square 6. First penalty: 1 day ban, second: 1 week ban, third: you don't wanna know.
  13. It is forbidden to end the Blood Castle 7 event earlier than 3 minutes before automatic close.
  14. When sending a report, upload evidence to sites with less image compression (e.g., to be legible (direct upload through Facebook spoils the quality, renders the text illegible and such reports will not be considered).
  15. When you have a complaint about a character or account problem, be sure to include the name of the account and character, we can't know it out of nowhere and we don't need to waste our or your time by asking additional details one by one. Also, describe the problems in as much detail as possible so that the case can be checked directly without the need for additional questions.;
  16. Respect our free work - you don't have to keep asking if you don't get a response withing 2 minutes. The server is managed by people who are not hired and are not receiving salaries - we can't be 24/7 online. We always try to respond as quickly and effectively as possible to any query. Extreme acts of disrespect and damage to authority can lead to punishment.

Hall of Fame rules

  1. Fights are made with /duel unless the administrator team says otherwise;
  2. The characters that fight must 'switch character' before the fight begins;
  3. After you've been chosen to fight you can't go looking for supplies(Imp, Ale, Potions) or beg for more time;
  4. Fights conclude after 3 wins of 5 fights or 5 wins of 7 fights for final;
  5. During the event if the fight continues longer than anticipated, the game master that oversees the event has the right to remove 1 item of his choice of both participants;
  6. In case of a double death neither of the participating side gets a point(for example if player X kills player Y and after that player X dies from reflect or a double death from a direct hit);
  7. Forbidden spells for each class:
    • BK:Weapon Skill, Twisting Slash;
    • SM:Teleport, Lightning;
    • ELF:Ice Age;
    • MG:Twisting Slash, Lightning;
  8. Maximum allowed HP for each class:
    • BK:1100 per reset(with HP buff included);
    • SM:450 per reset;
    • ELF:550 per reset;
    • MG:650 per reset;
    • DL:650 per reset;
    HP is being measured with active /party between GM and player. If there's any visual bug with the HP before/after the "HP buff" or any other buff, the higher HP stat is being measured.
  9. If there are not enough players of a certain class then the HoF for that class will not happen;
  10. Rewards from the event can be changed by the administrator's judgement;
  11. Rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place can be given only if there are more than 4 players participating; if less or equal to 4 there will be reward only for 1st place;
  12. The GM/Admin overseeing the event has the right to change any of the rules during the event(except rules 7 and 8);
  13. Arguing with the overseeing staff member results in disqualification;
  14. Following the above rules is absolutely mandatory for everybody participating in the event; if you break any of the above rules you will be disqualified.
  15. Registration for the HoF event is open only from 23.10.2021 19:30 to 23.10.2021 20:00 and only thru the HoF page. It is not possible to register otherwise.