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Excellent Bronze Shield
Excellent Bronze Shield Defend skill Luck (success rate of jewel of soul +25%)
Luck (critical damage rate +5%)
Reflect damage +5%Damage Decrease +4%


Box of Kundun +3 BOK+4

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# Item Winner Bid Currency Time
1 Wings of Soul Fireblade 200 Jewel of Creation just now
2 Excellent Dark Phoenix Pants [ALMEDA]BiGBaDElF 5 Box of Kundun +4 just now
3 Excellent Dark Phoenix Pants [ALMEDA]BiGBaDElF 8 Box of Kundun +4 just now
4 Excellent Grand Soul Pants [ALMEDA]TrevomaN 56 Jewel of Chaos just now
5 Excellent Divine Gloves Box of Kundun +3 just now
6 Excellent Legendary Shield [Royals]Belokos 11 Rena just now
7 Excellent Ring of Poison CalypsO 11 Rena just now
8 Excellent Ring of Fire [Royals]TechnoGB 14 Rena just now
9 Excellent Ring of Ice [Royals]VENOM 35 Rena just now
10 Excellent Divine CrossbowOfArchangel [Royals]BERSERK 15 Rena just now
11 Excellent Ring of Wind [Royals]TechnoGB 11 Rena just now
12 Excellent Thunder Blade EbreDebrq 11 Rena just now
13 Wings of Dragon PerseuS 156 Rena just now
14 Excellent Dark Phoenix Boots [Night]Sergeant First ClassSpecialistGriffith 24 Rena just now