The bosses were completely fixed, incl. the locations, the drop and everything - due to a personal problem I couldn't enable them at 00:00.

To help new characters and stimulate new registrations and new players:
each new character created from that moment on starts with 10 resets.

P.S. Inactive GMs have been removed. If you have any problems with GM or doubts - write.

The following additions and improvements have been made to the site:

  • Automatic instant logout of accounts when deleting a login session (from Settings) - a huge improvement in security;
  • New setting - "Only use saved login sessions" - improves security - allows login only when using "Remember me" option which creates a secure encrypted session on the server;
  • The visualization of the sections in Bank has been improved, they're now pixel-perfect;
  • Helper text has been added to Triple stats for more clarity;
  • There was an internal error that prevented some messages in Market from being displayed which is now fixed.

If you notice bugs or something wrong somewhere in the site or the game, report it! We give bonuses on such reports!
Have fun!

The SQL procedures for recording the results of the Blood Castle and Devil Square events were changed.

Up until now, the original procedures were untouched as they come with the original game.

Procedures have so far updated all data in the same record without creating new ones as needed. That is, if you go 10 times on BC1 and then 1 time on BC7, you will be counted as 11 times on BC7. I changed this and from now on there will be separate records for each BC (and DS respectively).

An additional test of Triple Stats was also done - I tested several different scenarios and everything looks absolutely fine. However, if any problems occur, notify us to fix them in time.

Cheers and happy holidays!

  • +4 (Golden Lizard) released;
  • +3 (Golden Dragon) were released in Devil Square;
  • Referral system for registration on the site with bonuses has been launched (in Settings).

Have fun!
If you have any new ideas, you're welcome to suggest!

Merry Christmas!
Be healthy and better!

There will be no HoF event today because of the holidays, as many players have complained that they will not be able to play and it will not be fair.

When it is a holiday, there will be no such events in the future. We will have a normal HoF next week.

And finally the most pleasant thing - from this moment to 31.12.2021 incl. you will have a bonus for the holidays:

  • 100x exp (150x for VIP);
  • 500 bonus credits for each existing account (one-time);
  • increased credits for donations with PayPal: 500 instead of 400 (for every 1€);

Have fun and have a nice holiday!