The server will go live on October 7 at 8pm server time.
Discord ideas for final changes will be accepted until October 5.

You can vote for credits now!

And once I managed to get attention:

  • We're resetting the server at the beginning of October - 7 or 14
  • I accept suggestions for changes (of course not radical)
  • After mid-September I will actively join the Discord channel for discussion
  • At the moment, it is best to post comments here

As can be easily seen, we have all switched to summer mode.

I hope everyone is spending this time of year the best way they can.

I would like to inform everyone concerned that:

  • there will be a server reset in early October;
  • if you have suggestions, leave them in the comments.

Have a great summer, we look forward to seeing you in the fall!

You can now play. Have fun :)

From this point on, the following is enabled:

  • Invasions +4 have been enabled;
  • Golden Lizard has been enabled in DS6 (final - boss);
  • The prize from BC7 is BOK + 4;
  • The prize from Sky Event is BOK + 4;
  • Hydra has been enabled;
  • The Senior machine has been launched in Land of Trials;
  • Quest 53 (Kill 100 Ice Queen) has been changed to give a reward of 20 BOK + 4 instead of 10 BOK + 3;
  • Prizes for the next HoF (and beyond) have been increased.

P.S. Fixed the gate for Land of Trials, which allowed /move valleyofloren on the 10th level. Not 200 (133) is required as with [M] key.