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The new feature: "Skip quest" was just added - thanks to this option you can skip to the next quest.
Price: 1000 credits.

We don't want to make going to the next quest too easy and that's why the price. But if you get tired collecting stuff, you may pay 1000 credits and continue.

Reminder: You can't buy credits with real money, we don't sell nothing!

Limit increased from 100 to 120 maximum players.

Today we did a big job and created the name change option. Price: 3000 credits. We like this ot be something exclusive. Not name changes every 5 minutes.

Every player that change their name will receive a name history section in their character page. This is how you will know who is who.

Server info page is updated and we added the weekly rankings' rewards and HoF rewards that are updated realtime on the event of a change.

Since today, Auction will have more currencies (jewels) and will have items from BoK+1 (which will raise with time). Currency and item is selected randomly.

A small issue with Market is fixed regarding some users' inability to sell items.

P.S. Every 30 seconds someone is asking so I'm saying here: we had a hard time coding the event timer here in the site. You have it ready with no efforts. I'm talking about the Golden Invasion timer. In-game message is "Lorencia, Golden Dragon invasion". I'm stressing the Golden Dragon part. Currently, dragons are not enabled, that's why we don't have notifications in-game!

Reminder: the first HoF will be on 23 February (Sunday).

We have new bosses and invasions enabled - check the Info page (Events tab).

Also, we have a new GM from today - Ambulance, who according to our policies will be Test GM for a while.

Congratulations to:
1. Craniax (771) and BlackRose (424) - 1195 total hearts;
2. Sm1rnoFF (893)  and Puffy (263) - 1156 total hearts;

They win 2000 credits each (total 8000 credits) in exchange of their hearts.

Honorable mentions:

  • ManOfSteel - 600
  • NoKTa - 329
  • Losh - 242
  • Jaguar - 224
  • TechnoGB - 222
  • NiCEST1 - 210

Stay tuned for new events with credit reward.
Have fun!