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Happy new year!!!

We wish you many boxes, less lag, less downtime and many happy moments in your life and in our server!

Be healthy!


Tomorrow, December 28, 2019 the server will be offline from 8:00 pm to 8:05 pm or less (Server time) for scheduled maintenance due to Sky Event.

Added (fixed) wings remove option.
You will find it in Bank as all other item functions.

Have fun!

We added:

  • Box of Luck;
  • Star of Sacred Birth;
  • Firecracker;
  • Heart of Love;
  • Silver Medal;
  • Gold Medal;
  • Box of Heaven.

From tomorrow on it will be possible to randomly chose any of the new currencies along with the old ones (for Auction).

Whether Marlon is released in our server depends on your vote. In case of his release there is no guarantee that he won't be removed eventually by our judgement. Whether he is released now and/or let to stay until the end of the season that doesn't mean he will be present when our next season starts.