It's time for the new ANHIMU winter season.

We start at 20:00 (Server time) on Friday, 20 October 2023. You can keep an eye on the timer in the right info sidebar.

You can vote for prizes starting now!

It is very important to download the client again because the anticheat system is new. You can also try with just the patch because it is updated, but better download the client. It needs to be added to the antivirus exceptions to work correctly.

After listening to our players' feedback, we did the following:

  • Fixed the web bank option and now you can add levels for the Cape(Cloak) of Rage Fighter;
  • Changed Balgass drop and now it drops excellent items like from Medusa + chance to drop red Fenrir;
  • Castle Siege has been enabled - it's on a registration period at this point - we're keeping it in beta because it's the first time we're releasing it - if there are any issues: report them to us to fix;
  • PvE damage has been increased for SM after complaints.

You are most welcome to provide feedback on Discord.
Have fun!

When there's something you don't like, the easiest way is... Discord.

After player feedback, we've changed the following for everyone's enjoyment:

  • Kundun has been enabled - drops Ancient Items;
  • Enabled 380 items from Selupan and he's enabled as well;
  • Chaos Castle rewards are Ancient items;
  • Condor Feather has been enabled in the X Shop (you have to re-download the client or update with a patch for this);
  • Crywolf force-launched around 7:30 pm (server time), hopefully it will also launch tomorrow at 7:30 pm (... server time) - I'll wait for feedback on that to see if it's happened;
  • Medusa has been enabled;
  • Golden Invasions, Kundun, Selupan and Medusa have been tweaked - increased their power - check the info page.
  • I've tested the characters' strength with Magic Gladiator having 40 res. With Elf Buffer it's even easier. Just giving it as info, whether you use buffer is your decision.

I look forward to more feedback on Discord. Discussed and accepted - completely tailored to the players wishes.

Enjoy the game.

New, lower values for:

  • Placing an item for sale in the market: was 10, now 5 credits;
  • Recycling items: was 10, now 5 credits;
  • Sending resources through the bank: was 10, now 5 credits.

Have fun!

As we listen to our players' arguments, the following changes have been made:

  • Add level via the website has been fixed (works up to +15);
  • Updated the Jewel of Harmony percentage on the info page;
  • Added weekly rewards for Blood Castle (no matter the number): 1st place: 1000 credits, 2nd place: 500 credits, 3rd place: 250 credits;
  • Added weekly rewards for Devil Square: 1st place: 30 x Jewel of Bless, 30 x Jewel of Soul, 30 x Jewel of Harmony;
  • Added weekly rewards for Chaos Castle: 1st place: 30 x Jewel of Bless, 30 x Jewel of Soul, 30 x Jewel of Harmony;
  • Gemstone will now drop in all Kanturu;
  • Guild limit has been increased to 20 characters;
  • Added Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Guardian, Jewel of Harmony to X Shop - only in the Goblin Points section, which are earned by voting only (this applies after downloading the updated patch or client);
  • Dark Lord can use Summon above lvl 200;
  • Party Gap is set to level 130.

I expect more feedback on Discord. It's best to post in the general channels rather than privately so everyone can see it and participate in discussion.

Also on Discord, in the #announcements channel, I've posted a question asking if you want to have HoF this week. Vote with reactions.