Server will be offline tomorrow at 19:55 server time. Downtime: 2 minutes. 

Sky Event was changed:

  • Higher jewel drop
  • Higher zen drop
  • Higher event invitation drop (Devil's Eye / Devil's Key / Blood Bone / Scroll of ArchAngel)

Invasions will now be hourly.

Reason: items with nice options are drop rarely, we're increasing the chance of collecting a set for all players.

Now everyone can view their own logs through the control panel.

In this way, it is possible to understand what happened if you shared the password with someone else, and not only.

Please note that this is not encouraged by us and we will not fix your errors for missing items or other resources.

Not all types of logs are enabled for viewing, some remain only for admins, so be careful what you do.

I have made a few improvements for you.
I accept suggestions in Discord for more new features!
Always in my free time I like to improve and add new things.

A chronological list from newest to oldest improvements that have been made since the server's reset:

  • HoF win notifications 
    You'll get a notification with a BoK count when you win HoF and more specifically the moment I add them;
  • Improved Trivia answer detection
    We no longer detect just the word part of the answer, but the whole word. For example, if the correct answer is "Johnny Depp", previously just "Johnny" would have sufficed, even just "Joe". Now you have to spell out the whole answer;
  • Improved the guilds page
    Added guild logos and added alliances;
  • Improved auction item options
    No longer drops items with mana and hp :)
  • Added boss coordinates to info page;
  • Public GM logs
    All resources that accounts with a GM character present in them submit will be publicly visible in real time. Zero possibility of abuse - Game Masters cannot pull resources to the account in game, they can only send them through the site;
  • Improved display of Chaos Castle releases
    In the info page: it used to show wrong times, now it shows the exact times the event is set to run;
  • Added Trivia event to the site;
  • Fixing the timer when voting
    There was overlapping text on the counter - no longer;
  • Fixed display of last reset time in character page;
  • Added a "Create a Character" option for 1st lvl MGs and DLs;
  • Reset stats without limit
    Added the ability to reset stats without limit within 1 hour;
  • Referral system info in registration
    Add referral system info right on the registration page.

Other cool options, already present:

  • Secure sessions
    If you select "Remember me" when logging in, a unique login token is created for you as a cookie which is saved on the server and this allows tracking of logged in devices and forced logout;
  • Notification system
    Obtaining resources, winning HoF and others that are added over time. Suggest what you want to have as notification;
  • Email notifications
    When you sell an item in the market or change your password, you get an email through the email system. The emails are neat and pretty in the style of the site - and there is work thrown in;
  • Site settings system for each account
    You can toggle on/off some of the options like the slider, sounds, pagination preference for sorting, etc.
  • Bank
    A unique and one of a kind web bank with 10 built in item pages for items at no charge, and unlimited zen and jewels collection. (Actually there is a limit, but it's hugely outrageous and can't be reached with normal play not even worth mentioning... actually the zen limit in the bank is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807). Ability to manage items with new options appearing whenever I guess or someone suggests one;
  • Market system
    The only market system in MU site with such a convenient search engine. If you see a better one let me know :)
  • Real-time auction system
    Once you log into the page, the bids are reloaded with ajax every second and you can basically see what's happening in real time
  • Great rankings
    Ajax charts on a variety of parameters. Is there anything else to add?
  • And many more, I just got tired of listing..

This site was created from scratch by myself (ANHI) in 2018 when I decided to revive the server. In the beginning I was using some paid one that's not even worth mentioning, but it was full of bugs and out of stubbornness I created this one, which took that to be the best Mu Online server site.

It's been steadily improving ever since.

I don't think after this whole list there are any people left with at least 1 working brain cell that would think I would throw such a hard effort and allow "added items". :)