I finally finished the option, which had been under development for several months, but there were no free time. This is done for the general pleasure, and especially the pleasure of the players.

Recycling of items is located in the Bank, by right-clicking.

Prizes are calculated by a complex formula that includes all the parameters of an object:

  • BOK level;
  • item level;
  • option;
  • luck;
  • ancient (yes, excl ancient exists in the game, so this is kept in the formula);
  • excellent option, as each option has a different ratio;
  • for wings: whether they are 1 or 2 level wings;

According to this criteria, the formula determines the minimum and maximum number of prizes, of which the specific amount for the case is determined randomly (for the familiar ones: mt_rand ()).

Possible prizes are Rena, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Chaos.

The award type is also determined randomly (again using mt_rand()).

Recycling currently costs 10 credits and, of course, removes the item from the bank or vault (depending on where it is located).

The idea of ??the option is not to get rich with jewels and renas, but to clean your garbage with a reward.

For example, I tested with Excellent Bronze Armor + Luck, it gives around 1/2 jewels when recycled.

Before releasing the option to the site, I tested other items from a larger BOK, as well as wings, as well as those with more than 2 options (which you will not find in the game) to determine the optimal formula according to me and the team.

We have other options in mind to implement in the future, such as web trade (and not only) - the ability to send all kinds of resources (all kinds of jewels, Heart of Love, Star of Sacred Birth, credits, etc.) to accounts or characters, but the only thing needed is to have enough time to implement them.

So, I wish you a pleasant stay here and don't be angry, because it's just a game after all!

The first HoF event will be on December 4.

A timer in the right sidebar has been added for easyness, also there is a new timer on the   HoF page.

Registration for HoF will be done only through this page - you will find it in the top menu of the site.

Don't forget to read the HoF rules.

If you have any comments on them or on the event itself, use the comment section below or the ANHIMU Discord Server.

Due to the forthcoming reset, we would like to expand our GM team.

Volunteers contact us via FB page / Discord channel.

Other players are also welcomed!

ANHIMU Discord

With this season we introduce the use of active anti-cheat. You must download again our game client!

Today we have very good news. Our LiveGuard partners were able to implement the long-awaited update and it is now possible to start the server.
Yes, you got it right, we will now use the best AntiCheat and there will be no hackers. It took time to put into operation, so it was a long wait.


Opening: 12 November 2021


You can vote for credits RIGHT NOW!

The timers are calculated locally.
Start: 20:00 server time.
Information for the new season:
  • Experience will now be 75x instead of 100x;
  • The launch of invasions and bosses is designed so that there can always be something new,all release dates have been added to the information page;
  • The first HoF event and Castle Siege will be announced separately;
  • From 12 November 2021 (Friday) until 14 November 2021 (Sunday) reset limit will be 1. Every Sunday at 21:00 server time it is increasing +3.

[See server info]

We will be back shortly after the release of the new Diablo II :)

We have some planned new features, so we will be even better than before.
The satisfaction of the players becomes our pleasure.

For those who do not know when the D2 launch is: we will be back in early October.
The exact dates and details will be published later.

Feel free to leave suggestions and opinions, NOW IS THE MOMENT.

Due to unforeseen circumstances for GM staff member, who was about to host the HoF event (accident), it will be moved tomorrow (Sunday).

 We apologize for the inconvenience.