Currently, the server has reached invasion +2 and we do not want to have more powerful items than that.

As we have already announced, Castle Siege is in BETA for the first 2 weeks. It is very clearly and precisely written that this event has not been enabled for 2 years and therefore must be played with caution.
No one reported the presence of a machine that gives items from +5 there.

In addition to the CS case: I (ANHI) and the GM team, we forgot to notice and change quests from which +3 and +4 items came. Because we adjusted a bit the reset scheme this season.

Today I took over 7 hours to fix these 2 things. More than 50 items were seized.

The compensations are as follows:

  • For each item from BOK + 3 (Quest) -> 2 BOK + 2
  • For each item of BOK + 4 (Quest) -> 2 BOK + 2
  • For each item from BOK + 5 (CS Senior Mix) -> 2 BOK + 2, 35 Jewel of Bless, 35 Jewel of Soul, 1,500,000,000 Zen
  • For each item that has been seized but has been enhanced (skill / luck / level) credits are returned +50 for each action

If this isn't enough for you, write in Discord in a channel and offer better compensation for an event that is in beta with advance warning in big white bold letters.

P.S. I'm just going to mention Rule 17. I'm just mentioning it.

The following have been enabled:

  • Invasion +2 (Taikan)
  • DS6 final bosses: Taikan
  • BC7 award BOK + 2
  • Sky Event award BOK + 2
  • Ice Queen
  • Hommerd
  • Omega Wing

The weekly Castle Siege starts tomorrow.

Periods for tomorrow's event only

  • Guild registration: until tomorrow 09:59
  • Register Sign of Lord: tomorrow (Sunday) 10:00 to 18:25 tomorrow (Sunday)
  • Start of the event: 18:30
  • End of the event: 20:00

Periods for future events

  • Guild registration: Monday 00:00 to Wednesday 23:59
  • SIgn of Lord registration: Friday 00:00 to Sunday 00:00
  • Start of the event: Sunday 18:30
  • End of the event: Sunday 20:00

Count the first 2 editions as a beta, as we haven't had CS in 2 years.

I remind you that there will be a change of time tonight.  Summer time.  It is possible that some automatic event will not take place because of this.  Or another anomaly.

- CC: ancient item
- Sky event: BOK+1

Saturday around 8 p.m. a PvP event will be hosted. Stay tuned!

  • No HP restrictions
  • You can move all around
  • Only Teleport spell will be not allowed to cast
  • The award will be unique for the moment