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As you know, we do not offer any paid services.

However, every month we pay from our own pocket for the server and site hosting so we can always be online for you, the players.

This pleasure (incl. domain) costs me about BGN 500 per year. I'm not counting the hours of work put into the site and server because the bill becomes enormous.

Willing people can help us financially by making a modest or not modest donation from here:
  Support us.

You can donate with PayPal account, but you can also donate with a credit card without any registration.

The donation brings no benefits.

Limit is increased to 150 maximum players.

We expect your suggestions and opinions, you can write them in the comment section of this news.

 We are always open to discussion, the important thing is to make it a better place for everyone.

 For the time being, I think we have struck a very good balance, but we need to take feedback periodically.

Proposals will be seen, but there is no guarantee that they will be implemented. 

We are reminding that this week we will have Castle Siege for the first time.

Because we have never run this event before, there may be bugs but we will fix them ASAP if any, just have that in mind!

Castle Siege will be on Saturday - you decided so in the poll!

Read more about Castle Siege in this news post:

We did not adjust the Auction wings properly. In fact, there should be no wings in the Auction at this time, only when the items are from BoK+5. That's why I bid 9999 Box of Heaven so no one can take them. All bidders will have their bets refunded at 8pm server time when the new iteration will happen.

Vote in the poll here: poll. Available until Thursday 20:00 (server time).

It's about whether CS shall be on Saturday or Sunday as a weekday.

CS is still in beta here because it's being launched for the first time - that's why we will fine-tune it until it becomes perfect.