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The poll decided the first HoF for the season to be hosted 25.10.2020. 

Sunday from 8 p.m.  there will be 3v3 PK event (HoF rules).  Additional rules will be clarified in-game by GM.

Thursday, October 15 from 4 p.m. (server time) there will be about 1 minute downtime due to maintenance.

The question is clear, as are the options. Vote. The poll will be active until 18.10.2020.

Vote here

Now it's time for the Fall 2020 season. It will start on October 2 (Friday) at 8 p.m.


Opening: 2 october 2020


You can vote for credits NOW!

The timers are calculated locally.
Start: 20:00 server time.
Brief summary:

Last season, which lasted from February 2020 until now, was the most successful for ANHIMU:
on April 6 at 8:14 p.m. you registered the absolute ANHIMU record: 226 players online.

You have registered 1785 accounts in which you have created 2807 characters. 630 - SM, 1004 - BK, 446 - ME, 276 - MG, 255 - DL.
With them you played a total of 1525 days, 3 hours and 20 minutes.
During this time you raised 358,919 levels and made 22,037 resets. Big numbers.

Congratulations to the TOP performances from Hall of Fame: Trippin, Zlobule, Blossom!

Information about the new season:
  • Experience will now be 100x instead of 150x;
  • The value of party bonus exp is reduced accordingly in accordance with the main exp;
  • In the beginning, HoF's Ancient will not be played and they will be allowed at a later stage at the discretion of the admins and coordination with the players for the best moment;
  • In order to cover our expenses, we have introduced the possibility to buy credits, as everything so far is paid personally from my pocket (ANHI). Items with money cannot be bought and will never can;
  • The bosses have new stats, ie. their Defense is reduced and their HP is raised;
  • The moments when gold or bosses will be released have been changed, so that there can be something new every week - all dates have been added to the information page;
  • The HoF event will be on Saturday instead of Sunday (subject to change, but you will have time to react). We will write further when the first HoF will be.
Reset, auction, invasions:

From the 2nd to the 5th (from Friday to Sunday) the limit of resets will be only 1. On Sunday it rises to 3 and will be +3 per week (every Sunday at 9 p.m.).

The maximum reset limit will again be 80. The difference here is that you will be able to raise over 80 resets, but you will have bonus points only for 80. Whoever wants will be able to play for the number of resets and push for a ranking.

The items in the auction for the first few weeks will be only first level wings, at a later moment items from BoK + 1 and onwards will be gradually put into action.

We have described in detail about the invasions and the bosses on the information page.

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The new season will start on October 2, 2020 (Friday).

We will post additional information after a while.

If you have any suggestions about changes - now is the time!

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