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Some accounts have invalid e-mail addresses which gave us a lot of errors in the mail server. That's why we disabled all e-mail notifications and made them off by default.

If you want to have e-mail notifications, you can turn them on from Settings > E-Mail notifications.

You can watch from here as well:

You can find the table here: Rankings > Banned.

I hope nobody will be added on the list from now on.

Character 3AXAP4ETO is banned until April 1 due to a systematic violation of term 3 of the rules, as well as several violations of term 4.

If the indecent behavior continues, we will ban permanently.

We will also be creating a list of all the bans and warnings as soon as possible so that we do not need to give importance to every banned/warned character by adding a news article for everyone. We just need some free time to code the module.

Enjoy the game!

  • Hydra Boss enabled - Information here;
  • resets limit raised to 40;
  • the required Zen for PK Clear is 250 million;
  • double bonus at Lorencia requires at least 1 reset;
  • the next HoF awards will be BoK + 4;
  • you can register for HoF only from this page, registration is open every Sunday from 7:30 pm. to 8:00 pm (Server time).

Information because many have asked in game: the bracket will be added for the HoF event next week, as it is not ready yet (not yet coded).

You can watch from here as well: