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As we started our Auction function which is using Rena, we decided to make Rena more interesting:
Friday at 20h. (Server time) there will be a PK event with participants from all character classes.

Rewards for 1st and 2nd places only:
1-во място: 100 x Rena Rena and 500 credits;
2-ро място: 50 x Rena Rena and 250 credits.

Additional rewards up to Game Masters' desicion.

Have fun!

Soul Master
1. Griffith
2. Darkness
3. Malakjijo

Magic Gladiator
1. Tomazo

Dark Lord
1. HaLoFaDeS
2. Lolita
3. Shinken

Blade Knight
1. RedBaron
2. PallMall
3. Myth

Muse Elf:
2. PandaGirl
3. Siris

After a lot of hard work, we are pleased to introduce the Auction option.
It is completely written from scratch and works completely in real time!
No need to reload the page, the information is updated every second.

Everything runs perfect on mobile with our responsive version, this was needless to say, yeah?

Currently the parameters are as follows:
- Currency: Rena;
- Minimum bid: 10 pcs .;
- New auction every 24h .;
- Items from: BoK + 4 / Wings / Jewelry;

Over time, we will raise the items levels, ie. they will be from BoK + 5.
In 1-2 weeks a credits fee will be introduced for taking part in the Auction.
It is currently free because it is a new module.

We continue to develop other great features!

We reserve our right to change the above mentioned parameters over time (currency / min. bid / time, etc.).


We successfuly did our job. Server is now online again.

Have fun!

Tomorrow, 28th November the server will be offline from 14:00 until 14:15 server time.