You can download the client from the "Downloads" page.

For the beta period exp rate will be maximum.

Everyone who helps will receive a privilege at the official launch.

Read also the previous news for more detail.

We will further announce when the beta will end and will be officially released.

Sometime next week we will scrap the current version and release the new one.
To be clear: this server is ending and we're putting the test server in its place!

The goal is to get as many people in as possible and test it for about a month to clean up the bugs and then launch it officially.

Those who play during the beta and give feedback to the team will get a head start on the official launch! Of course it will not be unfair, but it will be worth it.

During the beta for the sake of testing the exp will be maxxed. After testing it will be with normal rate for our server (50-100).

Some of the stuff in the new version (Season 6):

  • Full HD resolution support;
  • Antiviruses do not detect false alarm;
  • MU Helper - for those who don't know this is a very handy feature built into the game that acts as an auto clicker and collects certain items from the ground;
  • Lots of new maps and monsters;
  • Two new classes compared to our version: Summoner and Rage Fighter;
  • New events and bosses;
  • And many more....

I'll do my best to make the transition as easy as possible for anyone who has played ANHIMU before and hasn't played the new versions.

I'll take as much time as necessary and modify the Info page to put everything a person coming from Season 1 needs to know.

Happy New Year!

Work on the server continues.

An open beta will be released in the coming days for anyone who wishes to test.
Testers and helpers who participate in this beta will receive priority when the official new season starts. More details to be announced soon.

The new season is scheduled to launch in February for the server's birthday. We will release more info about that as well.

The latest edition of ANHIMU, the current one, was launched on 5 February 2018.

Something very cool is going to happen on this occasion, the birthday or the 4th anniversary of ANHIMU.

I'm just saying this for now, not that it's hard to understand, but the secret remains (partly) revealed only to our active Discord participants.

Server will be offline tomorrow at 19:55 server time. Downtime: 2 minutes. 

Sky Event was changed:

  • Higher jewel drop
  • Higher zen drop
  • Higher event invitation drop (Devil's Eye / Devil's Key / Blood Bone / Scroll of ArchAngel)