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Whether Marlon is released in our server depends on your vote. In case of his release there is no guarantee that he won't be removed eventually by our judgement. Whether he is released now and/or let to stay until the end of the season that doesn't mean he will be present when our next season starts.

As of today, the Auction items are from BOK + 5.

The HoF ranking ( by the highest number of wins, not the most recent win as it was up to now.

At the moment there is HoF event being hosted. We've made our internal system for faster HoF rewards and ranks adding.

Have fun!

Added 2 new spots in arena, also increased maximum value of /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd from 999 to 10000.

Have fun.


Today there was no server and site for about 40 minutes, then for another 20-30 minutes there was no server.

This is due to scheduled maintenance from our hosting provider, which they warned us about, but very late (just yesterday) and none of our team read the email to alert you.

Ie we found out they were doing support only when the support started and everything stopped (and 6 people per second started to write us on Facebook).

We are guilty of not having warned you, so we compensate each registered account with 100 credits and 5 boxes of each type.

Have fun

As you know, our site is written from scratch and is unique. There is no other such MU server site.
Mobile version, 100% full ajax for speed and an adequate multilingual system are just some of our unique benefits.

Event timer

But anyway, because we're writing from scratch, we haven't had an event timer until now. I had started writing it a few months ago, but I had not finished it.

We had a suggestion about a timer which inspired me to finish it. The timer is done, as you can see, it is placed below the stats section in the right sidebar.

If you find a mismatch with the timer and the event itself in the game, tell us the correct timer indication and exact time. You may provide a screenshot of the timer, but the exact time and timer indication should be clearly visible.


It does not in any way contribute functionally, but it has been in my head for a long time and I decided to do it. Just a "sparkle", just for fun. When you withdraw/deposit jewels, you add stats or reset you hear sounds. Over time, we will add more sounds for other situations. Of course, someone may find these sounds annoying, so we’ve added the ability to stop them from Settings.

Increased rewards

  • New award at Blood Castle 7: 1 x Box of Kundun +5;
  • Golden monsters in Devil Square 6: 2 x Golden Lizard, 1 x Golden Tantallos;
  • Kundun's drop rate was 9999/10 000, we made it 10,000/10 000 for 100% item drop (a player complained that he had no item drop after killing Kundun, so we recommended to try some lottery because he clearly hit the 1/10,000 chance).

Slight visual enhancements

At some places around the site there are new animations, they are quite light and almost imperceptible (so as not to become annoying in any matter), but they give the finish. For example, after the Auction has been loaded, the item and bidding box appears with a slight animation. There are other places as well. In addition, there were slight, very minor imperfections to the mobile version that we polished.

We are continuing to develop cool new features, we're awaiting your suggestions.

Have fun!

You demand, we add!

As you know, we posted a news with the sole purpose of making Suggestions.

One of the approved suggestions (in the Bulgarian version of the post) is implementing Triple stats instead the old Dual stats.

We continue on developing the other approved suggestions but if you have something new in mind you can comment here: Suggestions (comment section).

Have fun!