After experimenting and testing and after listening to feedback from the players, a decision was made.

The new limits can be seen on the HoF rules page.

Due to the complaints that the boss in question is in the Non-PvP map Lost Tower, the same was moved to Tarkan 2 (upwards - random coordinates in the region).

At this very moment the following is enabled:

  • Golden Dragon invasion;
  • DS6 boss: 3 x Golden Dragon;
  • BC7 prize: BOK + 3;
  • Sky Event prize: BOK + 3;
  • From the next HoF the prizes are BOK + 3;
  • Axe Warrior Hero - enabled.

After discussion with players in our Discord server, the following changes were made:

  • Changed the release date of Golden +4 (earlier date: 18.04.2022);
  • Enable date of Golden +5 changed (earlier date: 02.05.2022);
  • Changed the dates of Cursed King, Gigas Golem, Hero Mutant, Phoenix of Darkness, Erohim (earlier date: 25.04.2022);
  • Added feature to buy resets with credits: of up to 20 resets to help new players catch up quickly;
  • Satan and Angel will always be allowed during HoF;
  • Ancient items will always be allowed during HoF;
  • Additional adjustment of the Hommerd drop for a more even distribution;
  • Golden invasions count increased from 15 to 20 (all invasions);
  • The location of the read notifications button has been changed (top instead of bottom).

Comments are welcome in Discord.

  • The Ancient item drop rate has been raised in the Land of Trials
  • Energy requirement for BK Buff changed: from 15 to 20 points
  • One of the spots in the Land of Trials has been improved to make it easier to collect items from the ground
  • Vault and Chaos Machine have been added to CS to facilitate the attacking guild
  • HoF rewards are now BOK + 2 and have been increased (I have written down a reminder to always keep up with the current BOK level)

This Saturday at the next edition of HoF we will try without any restrictions HP to collect feedback on this proposal and if you like it will remain so.

The drop rate in Land of Trials was raised by 20-30% in response to the shutdown of the Senior mix machine.

If someone is uncomfortable with the changes related to the items or anything else - write in the Discord channels and say what the problem is - so far we have had 2 hours of discussion with players and almost decided on some new improvements.