• Increased the percentages for +10 - +15 in Chaos Machine (+10%);
  • Increased Jewel of Harmony percentage by 20%;
  • Master Exp is set to be good in party;
  • Talisman of Luck and Talisman of Chaos Assembly: price reduced: 100 WcoinC each (you must download the updated client or patch);
  • BoK +1 to +5 (random selection) is dropping by Golden Box / Silver box;
  • Dark Elf has been removed from Devil Square.

Blood Castle 8 now rewards Sealed Golden Box / Sealed Silver Box and 25 WcoinC;

Devil Square 7 now rewards Silver Key / Golden key;

Golden Box/Silver Box is made from these, from which BoK+1/2 drops.

I'll address more of the player feedback tomorrow afternoon/evening.

  • The time for golden invasions has been increased to 20 minutes;
  • Drop event was made at XX:15;
  • Red Dragon was made at XX:20;
  • Skeleton King was made at XX:40;
  • Devil Square zen has been reduced by about 30% (it was too much)
  • Golden / Silver Box will drop BoK + 1 / 2.

Added 2 new things to X Shop:

  • Talisman of Luck
    Increases the chance percentage in Chaos Machine by 10%.
  • Talisman of Chaos Assembly
    Prevents the item from disappearing if the combination in Chaos Machine is unsuccessful. Disappears if the combination is successful.

Both items are worth 1000 WcoinC.

To use the new X Shop you need to download the updated client or patch.

Here I will list the changes made since the launch so that it is clear to everyone:

  • Added a special drop rule for Evil Spirit;
  • Added a special drop rule for Loch's Feather and Crest of Monarch - drop anywhere, not just Icarus;
  • Added special rule for Horn of Uniria drop;
  • Selupan has been suspended and will dynamically decide when to drop;
  • Trivia has been tweaked to work and not shut down immediately on launch;
  • Added a few quests to the right arrow menu. More will be added later;
  • Updated exp in party;
  • Updated master exp in party - there's more to tweak here until it's perfect;
  • Fixed the drop event setting;
  • Invasions have been strengthened;
  • Stopped some commands (/zen was forgotten, but all abusive users' zen is reset);
  • Increased gold invasion time from 10 to 15 minutes;
  • Dark Elf will respawn in 15 minutes;
  • Chaos Castle was tweaket to launch at XX:50;
  • Chaos weapons have been removed from BoK+2;
  • Removed the ability to draw jewels from the in-game bank. Can only be withdrawn from the site. Can be deposited from game with CTRL + right click and works fine.  J bank won't work due to a flaw in the server itself and the possibility of abuse if it is enabled, which is out of our control;
  • Added spots for Master Exp in Swamp of Peace, La Cleon and Arena;
  • Great Golden Dragon has been made to drop 3 x BoK+4;
  • Fixed a few items with incorrect checkbox values in the bank that were bugging with stone draw.

If you see a problem or any bug, report it immediately! We give small gifts out of thankfulness!

As written in the rules you agreed to when you registered: whoever takes advantage of a bug will be penalized!

It is also possible that some items have a bug in the bank - as soon as you see make a screenshot and send, because I have pulled the items from the server files themselves and apparently there are inconsistencies in places!

An awful lot of work is being done on the server despite the long beta before launch. Show understanding and patience, it can't all happen in a second.

We are working every day on improving the in-game experience, thanks for appreciating it.

We start on February 11 (this Saturday) at 8 pm (server time)

All credits and zen given during the test are reset.
All Coins are also reset.
You can vote for rewards from now.
You can test until Saturday, as we on the team will also be doing fine tuning and testing until then. Note that rates will be as provided here (50x) and not high as they were during the tests. On Saturday during the day, the server will shut down, delete all items and characters, all item banks will be reset, and come back up at 8pm.
Accounts that are already registered will be preserved, but without characters. We will not delete accounts.

P.S. If you have played during the beta, now is the time do re-download the client which has been updated.