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Welcome the new Game Masters that will help us with events and HoF:

DarkS, RaDo, EventGuard, BuLLeT, MarshaL

The Game Masters in question are on probation, according to our server policy.
If you notice anything wrong with their behavior, alert us immediately!

I hope you will like their great help!

Have fun!

We have been informed by our hosting company that on the

29 April 2020 from 6:30 (UTC + 3 - server time)

maintenance will take place within 15 minutes.

It includes service interruptions during this period (site + server).

We are grateful to Achilles for the help he has given us since 26 February 2019.
But whether due to lack of time or other reasons, the time has come to split up.

We respect his decision and wish him luck! We share our best feelings.

And if you want to help the server with events and/or other GM activities, you can apply - write us on Facebook page!

Today at 6:00 pm (Server time) we will stop the server for 2-3 minutes to apply the update kindly provided by DarksTeam.

The /tracemarry command will be enabled, the maximum options in CS Mix will be 2 and it will be enabled.

The update includes:

  • Fixed being able to use /tracemarry while dead;
  • Fixed being able to enter Icarus without wings by using /tracemarry;
  • Added ability to change Castle Lord mix min/max exc options.

As we previously announced, Castle Siege is in beta because we haven't had it before. We found that the CS machine allows too many options, so we decided:

The machine (Senior mix) at Castle Siege is stopped, because at the moment the number of options cannot be controlled. Items with 3 or more excellent options will be confiscated.

The number of bosses in Devil Square 6 has been increased: we now have 3 x Golden Dragon and 2 x Golden Lizard.

I emphasize that you follow the news on the site instead of requiring the news individually through Facebook, as it is much more convenient to write the synthesized information once for everybody than to 20 people.

Have fun!

Today you found a bug that seems to be from the game itself. Finding a bug is good news, because next time we'll be even better.
Therefore, we add to the HoF rules the following:
HP is being measured with active /party between GM and player. If there's any visual bug with the HP before/after the "HP buff" or any other buff, the higher HP stat is being measured.

Please, when you think there are misunderstandings, signal in a civilized manner. Many characters were banned tonight because of swearing at our team. We are smart and civilized people and expect the same attitude.

Have fun