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It has been discovered why some users did not save time.

The algorithm has been supplemented and everything is now reported correctly.

The measure for free bonuses is canceled - they will now require a certain amount of time, as it should be.

We will add new bonuses in the future.


  • Axe warrior hero (BD set)
  • Golden Dragon (BOK+3)

Enjoy the game.

The online bonus is allowed for all characters over 5 resets without counting the time spent.

The measure is necessary due to the impossibility to detect the time of some characters.

When the ANHIMU team (mostly me, ANHI) have more time, an investigation on why the time is not recorded. Once fixed this measure will be revoked. The unpleasant thing in this case is that my character's (ANHI) time is always recorded properly and I can not detect what is wrong with some people.

There will be new bonuses to this system in the future, but let's do it step by step.

If anyone has an idea for new and interesting proposal that can be developed to the site or any event in the game, they can share. In fact, the daily online bonus system is a player idea.

And now, tighten up for HOF!
Enjoy the game

This event will now take place on Saturday.  The change is due to practical reasons that we have noticed over the years.  If it is not received well, the event will return on Sunday, of which we will inform.

As the Info page says, since today Ancient items are enabled as a prize in CC.

From now on, we start adding news every time we enable things to make it easier for players, as almost no one reads the Info page :).

Some players, but not all, are not credited with the bonus so please provide us with more information.  In other words, the one who is not credited with the bonus can leave us an account name so that we can track why exactly the detection does not happen. When we find out why not everyone has their time tracked,  everyone will receive the appropriate bonuses.

Online bonus

A brand new online bonus system has been added, which I personally have not seen on other servers. There's a requirement how many hours a day you must be online to get the specified bonus. It is currently made for 7 days, and in the future it can be activated for more days. It is especially useful for new players.


Well known feature from other MU server sites. We have wanted to introduce it for a long time, but now it has become a fact. The chance of winning / losing is 50%.

PayPal donation

The system is now automated and immediately gives you the credits for gratitude instead of having to contact us. Since the server has its costs, donations are welcome. Thanks for the support.