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The double online time bonus (the one in Lorencia) will require a minimum of 1 reset as of Monday (March 30th).

This extra's problem has been fixed and it's now working at 100%.

Price: 250 credits - all options are removed, for example, if it is +35 defense, it becomes 0 (no defense).

We remind you that this sunday after the HoF event the maximum reset limit will be increased to 40. With that reset cap  the Hydra boss will be introduced to the game.

On a side note we are increasing zen cost of PK clear from 25m to 500m.
Given the players' feedback, we'll increase the PK Clear zen cost to 250m.

Changelog commentary: We want zen to have meaning and to introduce a higher note of tactics when it comes to golden invasions.

Have fun.

Since now the player limit is 230.

We're incresing it by little steps to prevent overloading.

By the end of the week (29.03.2020) the whole server needs to find 1000 or more Star of Sacred Birth (and deposit them in the web jewel bank) then we will increase the number of goldens that spawn by 5 each. After successfully completing the event the goldens will be more for the next 7 days which means 05.04.2020.

At the moment of writing the server has 412 Star of Sacred Birth.

Good luck.

Due to the rapid population growth, we have added some new spots in Arena and Kalima 6.
You can see them on the Info page.

Also, to not have the server full, we raised the online player limit to 170.

Update: limit is now 190.
We raise the limit step by step to avoid overloading the server.