Server changes

When there's something you don't like, the easiest way is... Discord.

After player feedback, we've changed the following for everyone's enjoyment:

  • Kundun has been enabled - drops Ancient Items;
  • Enabled 380 items from Selupan and he's enabled as well;
  • Chaos Castle rewards are Ancient items;
  • Condor Feather has been enabled in the X Shop (you have to re-download the client or update with a patch for this);
  • Crywolf force-launched around 7:30 pm (server time), hopefully it will also launch tomorrow at 7:30 pm (... server time) - I'll wait for feedback on that to see if it's happened;
  • Medusa has been enabled;
  • Golden Invasions, Kundun, Selupan and Medusa have been tweaked - increased their power - check the info page.
  • I've tested the characters' strength with Magic Gladiator having 40 res. With Elf Buffer it's even easier. Just giving it as info, whether you use buffer is your decision.

I look forward to more feedback on Discord. Discussed and accepted - completely tailored to the players wishes.

Enjoy the game.