Due to the reset vulnerability we decided to make a full security audit of the website. 

Every executable file was checked in detail to find if there are any other vulnerabilities.

As a result: there are no vulnerabilities, website is 100% secure. 

P. S. The clock is now ticking ^^  

Have fun! 

A vulnerability in our reset system was used to gain advantage.
The vulnerability allowed to reset your character multiple times without having to level up.

The vulnerability is found, fixed and now we're again 100% secure.

The following players abused the system:

  • BooM
  • NixD
  • Ella
  • NooB
  • Kira

As you know, we have zero tolerance to cheaters. However, we decided not to IP ban the player(s).

All the characters mentioned above are now back to level 1, reset 0, all items and zen are deleted.

If you want, you can start again but this time fair.

Have fun and don't cheat!
We always catch you!

2 New bosses are added to the game that drop previously unobtainable sets(Brass, Wind, Black Dragon)

The boss that drops Black Dragon items is located in losttower7

His power is equal to that of the Golden Lizard.

The 2nd boss that drops Wind + Brass sets is located in Noria.

It is equal to Ice Queen in strength.

Good hunting!

You can leave your new quest suggestions in the comments section of this post (best option - so everybody will be able to see everything).

However you can also write us via Messenger, in the group or in the forum.

Best suggestions will be awarded (we will decide how).

The bosses were behaving in a way we did not intend. Hydra has its defense decreased.

Erohim can't be bugged with Ice Age.

Golden Tantallos is up to Erohim's strength and defense.

P. S. Now we have comments in the news!

Good luck!

The problems regarding reset and add stats (from site) are fixed 100%.

To make you feel better, we're adding 50 credits to each account for these 45 minutes of problems with site.

Have fun!