So, along with Erohim and Hydra, time has come for our third boss to appear in our game.


HP: 750 000
Damage: 3455 - 3665
Defense: 3090
Location: Davias, 41 203
Regen time: 20 minutes
Drop: Plate, Light Plate, Sphinx, Spirit


P.S. Fun fact for those who don't know: Ice Queen is one of the bosses in the original MU game.
Today we did a lot of under-the-hood changes.

The visible part (for you) is the new main menu (under header).

There are additional changes as preparation for something very interesting that is set to come in the (near?) future. But we can not say when or if it will happen.

And regarding comments from players in-game: new functions are being announced ONLY HERE in the site, news section, NOWHERE ELSE. Everything else is just your imagination.
Say hello to our newest GM crew member: Moran

Following our policy, he will be "test" GM for 1 week before becoming permanent.

If you want to help this server, you can apply for GM as well - write us on Messenger.
- Hydra boss -
Atlans 60 150
HP: 1 000 000
Regen time (Прераждане): 30 минути
Drop: all items from BOK+4

White Wizard invasion - enabled
Drop: jewels

Facebook event!!!
Award: 5 x BOK+5
Check Facebook page: ANHIMU Mu Online Server
Server is resetting today, the 1st of April 2019.

This is not a joke!

Server will be open to play at 16 o'clock EEST (server time).
Existing accounts are preserved. You don't have to create new account.

All characters, items, inventories and misc and every other data are deleted. Just the account registrations are available.
More than 75 players voted up to now. The poll undoubtedly determined the certain wish of our plalyers - you just decided to reset the server. Because of the clear lead of the referendum, and because the huge desire of many of you to already start playing, we will speed up things drastically.

The server reset will happen between the 1st of April (Monday), the launch will be at 16 o'clock (GMT+2) - server time.

Planned changes:
  • Exp: 250x -> 200x
  • 15-20% reduction of the spots (ex. from 10 mobs to 7)
  • Bigger excellent drop %
  • Bigger reset cap (+10 every week up to 100)
  • Resets will increase every Sunday and there will be event with item +2 options as prize (we're looking for new GMs)
  • Reset zen: 15m per res (first 2 resets with discount)
  • Erohim (Icarus 35 230 - at the end) now stronger than Tantallos and drops cool shit (see here) (regen time: 40 mins)

Any news regarding the reset will be appended to this news post. Check it on a regular basis. No changed will be made after the reset.

Please do not write us all the time with questions "when", "where", "how", "who" - everything that is being decided is being announced here! It's easier for us to announce news here for everybody to read than to respond to 10+ people per day personally ;)

P.S. If there are adequate/good suggestions in the meantime UNTIL the reset (NOT AFTER) we will think about them and eventually accept them as changes (and accordingly announce of course).

P.S. 2: News here in the site will respect the chosen language - English or Bulgarian (up to this moment)