The bosses were behaving in a way we did not intend. Hydra has its defense decreased.

Erohim can't be bugged with Ice Age.

Golden Tantallos is up to Erohim's strength and defense.

P. S. Now we have comments in the news!

Good luck!

The problems regarding reset and add stats (from site) are fixed 100%.

To make you feel better, we're adding 50 credits to each account for these 45 minutes of problems with site.

Have fun!

If you have problems with the site, logout and login again or press CTRL+SHIFT+R (refresh 2-3 times).

We made some changes tonight, that’s why it is possible for this bug to happen.

Later tonight it will be fixed, we just provided the temporary solution.

So, the test period for Moran is over and we can now say that he is no more a Test GM. He's now a GM.

We have a new addition from today: Skippy who will be [Test] Game Master for one week following our policy.

We would like to remind you that if you want to help the server you can apply for GM as well.

We can't wait to see the first event of our new GM!
So, along with Erohim and Hydra, time has come for our third boss to appear in our game.


HP: 750 000
Damage: 3455 - 3665
Defense: 3090
Location: Davias, 41 203
Regen time: 20 minutes
Drop: Plate, Light Plate, Sphinx, Spirit


P.S. Fun fact for those who don't know: Ice Queen is one of the bosses in the original MU game.
Today we did a lot of under-the-hood changes.

The visible part (for you) is the new main menu (under header).

There are additional changes as preparation for something very interesting that is set to come in the (near?) future. But we can not say when or if it will happen.

And regarding comments from players in-game: new functions are being announced ONLY HERE in the site, news section, NOWHERE ELSE. Everything else is just your imagination.