We checked how much remaining Rena we have in the server (total) and we thought that with collective efforts you can achieve better (but not too much) bonus to the event.

For each 10 extra Rena over 150 you got +1 golden mob starting from the weakest.

Example: 160 Rena = +1 Golden Goblin, 170 Rena = +1 Golden Goblin, +1 Taikan and so up to the top, and then a new set starting from Golden Goblin.

Everything else remains the same.

Go go go!

Rena event

We would like to announce this week's special event.


We want you to collect 150 Rena up to Sunday, the 27th of April.

If you collect the Renas, we will increase the Golden Invasions for 24h. as follow:

  • +1 Golden Tantallos
  • +2 Golden Lizard
  • +3 Golden Dragon
  • +4 Taikan
  • +5 Golden Goblin

This is a group event - we want the 150 Renas from everybody. That means, for example, 15 players x 10 Rena each = 150 Rena.

You must deposit the Rena at the Golden Archer which is specially placed in Lorencia, near the left bar entrance.

Good luck and have fun!

Say hello to our newest GM, DomiN, who will be [Test] Game Master for 1 week as this server's practice shows.

We want to have enough GMs to be able to have a GM always online!

We would like to remind you that if you want to help this server you may apply for a GM.

We look forward for our new GM's first event!

We would like to remind you that tonight we will have a PvP (PK) event around 20 o'clock server time (EEST) as well as every Sunday in the future.

Just as every Sunday, the reset limit is rising +10 exactly at 20 o'clock.

We're thinking to re-introduce the item-with-2-options prize again. This wont happen today but it depends also on players' activity as well.

We retain our right to not host a PvP (PK) event if there aren't enough players tonight.

Due to the reset vulnerability we decided to make a full security audit of the website. 

Every executable file was checked in detail to find if there are any other vulnerabilities.

As a result: there are no vulnerabilities, website is 100% secure. 

P. S. The clock is now ticking ^^  

Have fun! 

A vulnerability in our reset system was used to gain advantage.
The vulnerability allowed to reset your character multiple times without having to level up.

The vulnerability is found, fixed and now we're again 100% secure.

The following players abused the system:

  • BooM
  • NixD
  • Ella
  • NooB
  • Kira

As you know, we have zero tolerance to cheaters. However, we decided not to IP ban the player(s).

All the characters mentioned above are now back to level 1, reset 0, all items and zen are deleted.

If you want, you can start again but this time fair.

Have fun and don't cheat!
We always catch you!