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The new rankings will show only BC & DS visits from now on. Currently, weekly BC & DS ranking with special rewards is being developed. We will announce here when it is done (we can't give a precise time).

Have fun!

There were interruptions of the Internet connectivity between 22:00 o'clock and 23:30 o'clock and around 1:30 o'clock, roughly (all in server timezone), due to a thunder storm happening where our server is hosted. There were maybe around 4-5 interruptions in total.

This is something we can't control.

We're sorry. We hope you had enough patience.
Have fun!


Open: 04 October 2019


You can vote for credits RIGHT NOW!

Countdown timers calculated to local time.
Launch time: 20:00 Server time.

As you may already know, we plan to restart the server soon. This will happen in the next couple of weeks. We will write a separate news post to announce in advance. Stay tuned!

As the new season is near, we are starting to implement new web site functions.
We continue to develop some new extras at this very moment, but the already finished and released features are as follow:

  • Bank
    • View in-game vault;
    • Move items in/out Bank;
    • Bank capacity: 10 times in-game vault;
    • Unlimited zen deposit;
    • Unlimited jewel deposit;
    • Quick deposit of all jewels in vault;
    • Item manipulations (see below);
  • Market
    • Add items for sale in Market;
    • Search engine with item options filter;
    • Ads management from My Market page;
    • "Only for my guild" option;
  • Item manipulations
    • Add Skill
    • Add Luck;
    • Add Level;
    • Remove option (for wings);

Currently there are some demo items in Market. They are with impossible high prices on purpose. Just for demonstration. When we restart the server, we will remove them.

We hope you like this news. We continiously develop our web site and add more and more extras over time.

Regarding the server restart and the new season, I can say that we look forward for your suggestions on gameplay and restart date!

Thank you for being part of our community!

Soon months with "r" in the name are coming. (note: in Bulgaria we have such saying that when the month has "r" in its name, it is cold.) The winter too. And with them, the new game season as well.

It is more than clear that we will restart our server and will start fresh in October or November.

Share your thoughts in the comment section: what would you like to have changed and which date is the best for restart?