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We're thinking about hosting the first HOF October 20th (next Sunday).

We will move it to Sunday, 27th of October if there are not enough characters at max resets.

We will post again when time comes.

Have fun!

Last night there was electricity interruptions between midnight and 1:30 o'clock, we're sorry about that.

We're thinking on moving to another host to eliminate the Internet and electricity problems we're facing from time to time but we need funds for the new host that we currently can't obtain from donations.

So if we go to another host we will need to pay ourselves. I mean me (ANHI) and other admin(s). If you want you can help us via the page  Donate - PayPal or credit card is needed.

Reminder: Donation is not a service, does not bring any advantages and we don't have any paid services!

Have fun!

We added a cool notification system and the first notification is when you sell something in Market.

Now we have a Settings section where you can configure:
- language (for e-mails and to have your language stored);
- main character;
- chat;
- notifications.

It's located next to "Logout" button.

As time passes we will add more things there (when we add new functions that have some setting to set).

Just to remind, we continue making the weekly rewards system for BC/DS. We said we can't tell a fixed date, I'm just reminding that we still work on this extra and it will happen soon.

Say hello to our newest GM, DomiN, who will be [Test] Game Master for 1 week as this server's practice shows.

We want to have enough GMs to be able to have a GM always online!

We would like to remind you that if you want to help this server you may apply for a GM.

We look forward for our new GM's first event at the end of the week!

We would like to remind you that the reset limit is being increased every week with 3 resets as stated in our info page. The info page is very useful, we recommend reading it. Current limit: 10/80. 

The new rankings will show only BC & DS visits from now on. Currently, weekly BC & DS ranking with special rewards is being developed. We will announce here when it is done (we can't give a precise time).

Have fun!