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You collected 336 Rena. We wanted 150. That makes186 extra Rena, we can count180. That makes +18 golden monsters.

From now until 21:00 o'clock EEST tomorrow (Sunday), the golden monsters' count is as follow:

  • Golden Goblin: 16
  • Taikan: 14
  • Golden Dragon: 11
  • Golden Lizard: 8
  • Golden Tantallos: 7

After 21:00 o'clock EEST, the count will be back to normal as written in server info page:

  • Golden Goblin: 7
  • Taikan: 7
  • Golden Dragon: 5
  • Golden Lizard: 3
  • Golden Tantallos: 3

Have fun!

We just added a new boss: Cursed King.

You can find his info below. Info for every boss is available in  Info page.

Cursed King
Cursed King
  HP: 3 950 000
  Damage: 7 950 - 31 000
  Defense: 6 600
  Respawn time: 60 min
  Chance of excellent: 85%

  • Excellent Arrow Viper Bow
  • Excellent Great Lord Scepter
  • Excellent Staff of Kundun
  • Excellent Thunder Blade
  • Excellent Mace of the King

Have fun!

Sky event now starts at 20:00, 22:00, 00:00 EEST. 

We've also updated the server info page:

Today between 21:15 and 21:40 we had an interruption of the Internet connection, which was not caused by us.

The problem was totally caused by our Internet Service Provider.

However, sorry for the inconvenience.

As a compensation, we're giving 100 credits for everybody.

Have fun!

We checked how much remaining Rena we have in the server (total) and we thought that with collective efforts you can achieve better (but not too much) bonus to the event.

For each 10 extra Rena over 150 you got +1 golden mob starting from the weakest.

Example: 160 Rena = +1 Golden Goblin, 170 Rena = +1 Golden Goblin, +1 Taikan and so up to the top, and then a new set starting from Golden Goblin.

Everything else remains the same.

Go go go!

Rena event

We would like to announce this week's special event.


We want you to collect 150 Rena up to Sunday, the 27th of April.

If you collect the Renas, we will increase the Golden Invasions for 24h. as follow:

  • +1 Golden Tantallos
  • +2 Golden Lizard
  • +3 Golden Dragon
  • +4 Taikan
  • +5 Golden Goblin

This is a group event - we want the 150 Renas from everybody. That means, for example, 15 players x 10 Rena each = 150 Rena.

You must deposit the Rena at the Golden Archer which is specially placed in Lorencia, near the left bar entrance.

Good luck and have fun!