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GM Hurricane will host a PvP event the next Sunday (17th of February) at 19:00 GMT+2 (Server time).

Prizes per winner: 1 item of choice +2 excellent (or set) options of choice +13+luck (rings/pendants: +0 and +HP recovery).
Additional rules will be announced by GM Hurricane in-game.

Prizes are NOT given at the time of event but a little bit later.
This is not something we should write about here. We don't have to report to anybody about our actions.
But some people over-reacted in-game. Like over-react level 99999
There was a character test from 20:25 to 20:40 done by us, admins, by request from a player.
After the test finished, the character was deleted and everything went back to normal.

Added characters/items or whatever else CAN NOT happen here. No donation/admin friend or anything is able to do it.
Reset zen lowered to 10 000 000 x Reset.
Do you want to help the server?
We are looking for new Game Masters!

Simply click on the Messenger icon and write us.
Don't forget to specify the server name (ANHIMU HARD - 99.62T, 250x).
Our Internet connection crashed for about 5 minutes on 11th of January 2019 around 14:30 GMT+2 (Server time).
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Reset cap: 35/50.
HoF event: 20.01.2019 (Sunday)

Resets from 20 January: 40/50
Resets from 27 January: 45/50
Resets from 3 February: 50/50 (MAX)

More info about HoF (hour, rules or other) - later.

Have fun!