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Server reset

Due to lack of interest and unfair practices we ended up with <5 players online.
Our most loyal players (THANK YOU!) think that we should bring back our configuration from February 2018.

Because we like to listen to our players, we're setting the exp rate to 250x and bringing all the shops, invasions and settings like they were from February to November.
That means medium-ish rates. The previous server configuration had 500x exp rate and was pure medium. No dynamic invasions, everything is running from the beginning.
Reset limit: 50 for now, just like it was in the medium configuration server, but may be changed in the future.
The PvP balance remains the same, it is done with hours of labor from our part (and was the same in the medium as well).

The reset will happen somewhen between 5 January and 6 January and will be announced here as a separate post when done.