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Reset: 8 February 2020


Start: 8 February 2020

Changes compared to previous season:
Lower Jewel Drop;
Added new bosses;
Hearts and medals drop lower tier items (ex. Legendary instead of Grand Soul);
Shops are a bit harder (they don't have absolutely all skills and items are +4, instead +5);
Quest system is brand new and you can't have too much boxes too early as in previous season;
VIP system with credits: +50x exp and +20% drop;
Week rewards, event rewards, auction and everything else start from low class and will be upgraded with time.

Go to Server info to inform yourself, everything's updated there.
First HoF will be on 23 February 2020.

Note: VIP system is with credits, not with money! You can't buy anything with money, we don't sell services! If you like the server you can support us but no rewards are given.