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Regarding the video reports

There is no point in sending ineffective reports. So we are burdened with the answer, and we don't really do any work. It is very clearly written in the rules, item 14:

When sending a report, upload evidence to sites with less image compression (e.g., to be legible (direct upload through Facebook spoils the quality, renders the text illegible and such reports will not be considered).

It's nice to send videos with reports, which helps removing unwanted behaviour and/or hacks, but not when you shoot them with the phone and you can't tell if there are elves or lords on the screen.

We want you to download a screen recording program (joker if you find it difficult to use Google: FRAPS, Bandicam) and send the report normally when you have a claim to impose penalties on players.

You can't shoot half the screen with the phone, which doesn't show significant parts of the interface and can barely read the names of the characters, and expect that to work.

From now on, a screen shot with a phone (or whatever) will be completely ignored and no attention will be paid to it.

Thank you for your understanding.