Changes to server settings

After discussion with players in our Discord server, the following changes were made:

  • Changed the release date of Golden +4 (earlier date: 18.04.2022);
  • Enable date of Golden +5 changed (earlier date: 02.05.2022);
  • Changed the dates of Cursed King, Gigas Golem, Hero Mutant, Phoenix of Darkness, Erohim (earlier date: 25.04.2022);
  • Added feature to buy resets with credits: of up to 20 resets to help new players catch up quickly;
  • Satan and Angel will always be allowed during HoF;
  • Ancient items will always be allowed during HoF;
  • Additional adjustment of the Hommerd drop for a more even distribution;
  • Golden invasions count increased from 15 to 20 (all invasions);
  • The location of the read notifications button has been changed (top instead of bottom).

Comments are welcome in Discord.