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Addition to Server Rules

From today, the 28th of April, we are issuing 2 new rules. These rules you can find in the Rules page or at the bottom of this article.

The reason is the behaviour of player MoSho/Chudesia who has a permanent ban now due to arguing with administrators, creating conspiracy theories, fake news and lying to our players via /post.

We, the administrators of ANHIMU (ANHI and Moros) believe in the ideal MU world. A world where administration is adequate: does not give items, resets, levels or anything else to "their people", does not interfere the players' game and does not take spontaneous desicions.

Multiple times when there were such doubts from players, we have declared that we never had, have or will give advantages to the so-called "our people". There is no "our people".

You ever searched for the ideal place with 100% honesty? You found it.

We, the two head admins, are watching the actions and behaviour of everybody in our Game Master team by looking at the logs. Even if you think we aren't. We even look at the players' log. Leveling, kills, trades.

This monitoring was always a hidden thing which nobody saw or even think it was happening. But the fact you can't see it does not mean it is not happening.

Having in mind the enormous efforts that we put in the regular monitoring of the logs, we don't feel good when somebody blame us in not doing anything or when someone is creating conspiracy theories about the so-called "admin characters" or "added" characters/items.

Why can't you make it a cool and fun place but you want to create machinations?

We would like to remind you that the said here in this article and the addition to the new rules does not mean totalirsm. If you ever see something wrong with a GM you can report it to us by sending screenshots via forum / e-mail / Messenger. We will overview and take action.

We were always and still are very open to new ideas, your critique and opinion, adequate problem solving. But remember: the server is one for everybody, it can't be fit to everybody's taste - there will always be something that you don't like. In addition, we must keep the server a good place to be. That's the point.

Again I would like to say that we're open to new ideas and suggestions. If you don't like something, you're totally free to comment!

But creating intrigues and arguing with US as a team is not something we're going to tolerate!

Here are the two new rules:

1. Creating concpiracy theories, speaking against the Server, its decisions, revealing GM's private hero or any other verbal abuse leads to ban (temporary or permanent - admin's judgement). If you don't like our community, you're free to go unless you can express your opinion in a civilized manner.

2. It's strictly forbidden to tell who is GM/admin's private character if its name becomes known to you. Admin team is monitoring always the GM and player logs to ensure there will be no advantages with items/event rewards/commands or anything else. There are no "admin", "added" characters or items. We never had and will never have such! We don't tolerate intrigues and we're 100% honest in our actions. Otherwise there's no point in having a server and putting so much effor. Have in mind that almost every admin/GM have a private character that plays undercover.


Have fun!